Hawaiian Resort Pants: Modest Swimwear For Women

When you are taking a resort vacation, you may be concerned about modest swimwear that you can wear on your trip. Conservative families from the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths are looking for ways to enjoy the sun without wearing something revealing. Part of this includes a coverup for the pool or walking around the resort. Splashgear Hawaiian Collection resort pants are the best way to have fun on your vacation while remaining covered up.

How Are The Resort Pants Made?

The resort pants are made from a stretchy fabric that is very comfortable when you are at the beach. The straight style of the legs provides you with a relaxed look and feel that you need, and the pants will give you all the coverage that you need.

Plus, you can use the pants when you get into the water. You will feel great as you are swimming or playing in the water, and the pants will dry out quickly when you get out of the water. Plus, you get a back zipper that is easy to adjust. There is a hidden pocket in your suit that you can use to store your room key, and you can play all day without worrying about your swimwear.

You Can Get These Resort Pants For Everyone

You can get Christian swimwear, Islamic items, and modest coverage for everyone in the family. This may be especially important to you if you have your girls or wife at the beach. You want them to be covered up so that they can enjoy the beach without being objectified.

Plus, you can use these coverups if you do not want to get sunburned. There are a lot of people who go to the beach knowing that they could get sunburned very easily. You can wear resort pants to make sure that you are not burning. Plus, you will avoid awkward tan lines that might occur when the ladies in the family bare their shoulders in a dress or top.

Stay Traditional

You can buy traditional coverups for everyone in your family before your trip starts, and you will enjoy your trips to the beach more because you can wear the coverup without worrying about wandering eyes. The young children in your family will get used to wearing these resort pants when they go on vacation, and you can even keep your wife covered up so that other men do not think they can hit on her.

You are trying to remain modest so that you can be true to your beliefs, and the easiest way is with resort pants.

The Color Range And Sun Protection

The resort pants are sold in black, ocean blue, purple, and navy. Everyone can get a color that they love, and you can buy colors that will match the personality of each person in the family. Moreover, you can use these resort pants without sunscreen. They all have a UPF range of 50+. Some clothes do not cover you effectively at the beach, but these resort pants ensure that you are not exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.


Going on vacation should be an easy and fun time for everyone. You can get resort pants for your kids or your wife, and you can all wear something nice to the beach. You can swim or play in these resort pants, and they fit loosely so that you will be comfortable. You do not need to worry about wandering eyes at the beach, and you can stay comfortable even when you are sitting under an umbrella at the beach.